Hello we are ONPH.
I'm a professional photographer, and with a professional interpreter, we work together to offer you just what you need.
Want to see what Buenos Aires has to offer?
Want to appear in all the pics while you do it?
This is your chance!!!
We will take photos for you. You will just have to enjoy the ride, and, if you want, our Interpreter can join us and tell you the stories of our city.
Wherever you want to go, we`ll be there with you.

We will start this experience in the neighbourhood of Recoleta. This is the most elegant area in the City of Buenos Aires due to its buildings, its commercial area and its famous cementery, among other points of turistic interest
Forget your camera. We'll take care of your pictures.
We´ll join you while you explore the city and take pictures of every moment. 
And within 24hs your pictures will be uploaded onto google drive.
This service will only be provided to groups of people who know each other, travelling together. ie: Families, friends, couples, etc.

mail: onph.fotografia@gmail.com

Thank you!
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